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The world has drastically changed within the last few weeks. It’s almost difficult to imagine what life was like before the chaos + the idea of the unknown. For some it’s been simply a mindset restructure; maybe transitioning to working from home; caring for kids while also working; losing a job; losing out an experience such as walking the stage for graduation or not being able to marry the love of your life on a specially picked out day. The list could literally go on and on. 

My heart goes out to each and every one of you reading this. Our emotions + feelings range all across the board, but my heart is with you in whatever place your mind might be at today.

To all the brides who are having to move their wedding date— I am so sorry. 

To all the parents that are worrying about how to take care + provide for their families— I am so sorry.

To all the extroverts— I am really sorry (haha).

To all the people who have lost a job— I am so sorry. 

To everyone dealing with anxiety, depression and mental illnesses— I am sorry.

But there is something left that we can hold on to: HOPE.

Although the world seems pretty lost and hopeless, the beautiful thing is that we never really lose hope for what’s to come. It may not look exactly like what we envision, but there is still hope. 

Hope for:

  • better health + healing
  • future job security
  • stronger family relationships
  • a new day to celebrate you + the one you love

For me, I fear the unknown and not being able to have a grasp on what is to come next. And being an entrepreneur + owning my own business it’s pretty terrifying not knowing if I’ll have to cancel future events or if the new dates I’m scheduling for couples will be safe enough as we are almost on a day-by-day basis keeping up with the news. I’m afraid of what life might look like coming out of all of this + if it will ever be the same as it was before. 

But I have been blessed through this season to have a lot still put together, which allows me not to let fear consume my thoughts and emotions. 

For you, maybe your thoughts + emotions look a little different than mine. Whatever fear that has ahold of your heart today, I encourage you to take a breath, pray/meditate about whatever thing is crippling your heart, and let it go. Release it and allow HOPE— not the constant worrying, longing kind of hope— but the hope of better things to come to flood your heart and comfort you. Lean on the idea that Hope has your back and will bring only the best things, very soon. Find hope in your current circumstances + what you can be thankful for right now. 

We’re all in this together, high school musical style. I see you, I heart + feel your heart. Don’t allow fear to take ahold of the joy + goodness that is to come. You got this. xx

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