Hey there! My name is Ashia (it's like "Asia" but add a "shhhh" sound in the middle).
 So happy you stumbled upon this page of mine. I'm a wedding + elopement photographer living her best life at the age of 25. I'm a Texas girl, born and raised. When I'm not out photographing weddings or couples, you can usually find me at home piled with blankets (aka I am ALWAYS cold), watching Netflix– usually The Office or New Girl– while editing or out doing things like: thrift shopping, hanging out with my friends, or probably crying over a cute dog I saw. I'm all about the unconventional - living each day like it's an adventure. Life's too short + beautiful not to enjoy all the moments we have now, big or small. This life we live isn't always perfect, but neither are we. So I encourage you to come exactly as you are so we can capture the REAL and RAW moments. I love making people feel comfortable in their own skin, letting loose and actually HAVING FUN. That's exactly how your photos should represent you; they should take you back the the feels + emotions you felt right when it was captured. So embrace the butterflies, the tears, the gut-wrenching giggles.
Let me help lead you + capture something really incredible.

Good luck pronouncing it.

Hey, I'm Ashia!

✨ Enneagram 2w1
       (aka i love loving people yet very particular / detail focused)

✨ Addicted to cookies n' cream ice cream
       (ya girl has a major sweet tooth)

✨ I don't go a day without listening to music
      (spotify new music friday anyone?)

✨ I LOVE thrift shopping
      (dubbed the thrift queen + consider myself a professional? 🤪)

✨ Played violin for 6 years middle school to high school
       (really regret quitting my senior year)

✨ Attended 2 of each grade school
      (aka moved a lot)

✨ A wanna-be-dog-mom that doesn't have time to fully support               said child

✨ LOVE to travel + be surrounded nature



my fav travel spots

Where to next?

+ Barcelona
+ London
+ Amsterdam
+ Maui
+ LA
+ Colorado
+ Chicago
+ Utah
+ Arizona


wanna go:

+ Australia
+ Iceland
+ Ireland
+ Scotland 
+ Italy
+ Tokyo
+ Washington
+ Oregon