Each of us come from different life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and traditions. The beauty in this lies in what each person offers the world because of it. Ashia believes your love should be captured as so, too. 

With over 6 years of experience, Ashia invites you to come as you are and allow the moments captured to speak for themselves. 

Welcoming the quirky, untraditional, and real kind of humans. Those unafraid to be unapologetically themselves & create space to wholeheartedly be present on their wedding day. 

All love is welcome here.

ashia is a documentary focused photographer specializing in digital & film imagery. her passion:
love and people.

meet ashia–

Newly married (eloped in 2021 and married in front of family & friends in 2022). We purchased our first home & moved in  just weeks before our first wedding ceremony, and I feel like that truly defines how much we love to live on the edge. 




I've always been very interested in fashion– you can thank my mom for all the Project Runway seasons we watched religiously– which has translated not only to my appreciation for it but how I like to express myself. Luxury fashion, vintage sourcing, you name it.

I absolutely consider myself a very untraditional person, like someone that doesn't like to follow the status quo. I love being weird and quirky, I laugh a lot, I cuss sometimes. I read because I would prefer quiet time but can also contribute to the life of the party.


I LOVE FILM!!! The nostalgia really does something to me. It's such a beautiful medium that I think everyone should experience. Truly makes images come to life or transport you back to the moment. Film is unpredictable and messy, but I think that's the whole point.

hi, my name is Ashia

My passion is for love and people; everyone is welcome here.

Every single couple I meet has different family traditions, life experiences, and love languages. You grew up on opposite sides of the world, and yet love brought you together. This is why each & every couple is unique and should have it captured that way.

We welcome traditional, non-traditional, big weddings and small. Whatever you're dreaming up I want to be there to tell the story. 

My job is to help guide you and create space for you to enjoy the  'present moments' happening on your wedding day.
There is so much beauty to be found within imperfection; when you let go and focus on what the day is really about that's when the sweetest moments are born.

If you're into the candid, documentary style moments– I'm the girl for you ◡̈  

- so much love, xx

let me intro-duce myself


For those interested in an couples session experience. With an emphasis on the term 'experience', this session is where the possibilities & creativity are endless Whether you'd like to explore the city, pop in for a drink, or hang at a park and paint– I want to allow you the space to truly capture your love.

Guidance will be provided, organic moments are encouraged. All places and destinations.

For those interested in documenting their wedding experience. Your focus might just be the day itself, or perhaps you're interested in capturing a full weekend celebration. We will establish a customized package that reflects your dream wedding experience & help capture it that way.

All places and destinations.

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