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01 | How do I book?
Start by filling out the contact form here. Once we chat + see if I'm the best fit for you, you will submit a completed contract and a $1000 non-refundable retainer for weddings / other sessions. This is on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you book, the better.

02 | Do you travel? 
Absolutely! I am up for every + any adventure. I primarily cater to the DFW area- if you are within 40 miles of Dallas the travel fee is included in all pricing. If you are outside of that, travel fees may apply.

03 | What is the turn around time on my photos?

You can expect up to 2 weeks on engagement / bridal photos + approx. 4-8 months on wedding photos, depending on the wedding season. You will receive sneak-peeks 24-48 hours after the wedding day so you have some images to enjoy in the meantime.

04 | How many photos will I receive?

Usually this will depend on the amount of shooting time + whether guests are willing to be photographed. On average, you can expect 50+ photos from an engagement session and 400+ photos from a wedding day. Again, there are factors that may affect those numbers, but my goal is to get you as many photos as possible that document your big day.

05 | Will I receive any of the raw photos?

No. I take pride in the process + experience of delivering your new edited photos. It's an art form; delivering raw, un-edited photos is like sending you the Mona Lisa with only pencil marks. The photos that come straight out of camera are nothing like the finished product. The edits really bring the images to life and, sometimes, there are major changes that may need to go into it such as getting rid of backgrounds or pesky distractions that take away from the overall photo.

05 | I'm really awkward in front of a camera. Do I need to pose myself?

Heck no! I hear this just about every time I book a shoot. First and foremost, you are PERFECT the way that you are. All the things you may consider "flaws" are what makes you beautiful + unique. My job is to guide you along the way. I'm self-diagnosed OCD so I pay attention to all the little details. I'll fix your hair, position you in ways that make you feel like a hot tamale (lol) + comfortable. Leave it to me, I gotchu. I promise - xx

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