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   the new, modern photobooth.


Give your guests an experience they won't forget

a fresh take on an old tradition

Give your guests an experience they won't forget modern take on a traditional photobooth. With a customizable LED light and backgrounds, you are more than ready to impress your guests. 

Simple + fun to operate,
this no-waste, eco-friendly photobooth is a digital 
alternative with instant sharability. No more low quality uploads to social media of your photo strip. Upload the images directly for all your friends to see!

Take regular photos or up your game with NEW boomerang + gif capabilities!
Airdrop instantly to your phone or email, text them for downloads. You'll also have a live guest gallery to share + download, in case you missed one.

Eclipse Photobooth Co.

text message
online sharing gallery
photos, boomerangs, gifs, and filters

eco friendly
no-waste, digital alternative
instant sharability



let's party!